Random Post: Our March Meeting
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    Our March Meeting

    On March 9th we met at Denny and Claire’s house to sing Children/Animal Songs. As we began with our news update, we learned that congratulations are in order to Natalie and Larry for the birth of their new great- grandson, Edward James. CONGRATULATIONS! :-) Ruby invited us to join her and Women Walking Woodward For Peace (on Facebook). If you give her your e-mail address she’ll keep you updated. She also shared her daughter’s hope for success through Leap Now. Not only has Nadja earned over $1600 on her own since graduating, but she’s gone to San Francisco and done a fantastic video interview in hopes to do an internship somewhere in the world and hopefully learn midwifery. India will be her first stop on her journey, provided she raises enough money. All donations are thankfully accepted and Ruby will send updates through Indiegogo. To this very talented young woman and phenomenally gifted artist we wish much success.

    As we began our song circle, Denny delighted us by beginning with a Mick McConnell song, “Watermelon Wine”. He told us he learned it in Ireland, but had to buy quite a few beers to get all the lyrics from the locals :-) Jacqui followed with an old favorite of DFS’, “Waltzing With Bears”. Larry shared Greg Brown’s “Whippoorwill” and Susanne sang Sally Roger’s “Lovely Agnes”. We thoroughly enjoyed her violin playing, as well. Next, we had fun joining Natalie in Tom Paxton’s “The Marvelous Toy” as it went “zip” when it moved, “bop when it stopped”, and “whirr” when it stood still (We still don’t know what it is, either!). Ted informed us, “because the Lord ain’t got no cuspidor”, “The Preacher Went Down To Pray”. “That’s all there is, and there ain’t no more”, Saint Peter said, and he closed the door. Painted wings and giants’ rings made way for other toys when Charlene led us in Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton’s “Puff The Magic Dragon” and Claire delightfully sang James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” while Ted and Denny played a wonderful accompaniment. Then, Marilyn reminded us “we can’t return, we can only look behind from where we came” as she sang Joni Mitchell’s “Circle Game”, followed by A.J.’s superbly delivered rendition of “Danny Boy” which, though commonly thought to be an Irish song, is actually an English ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly and usually set to the Irish tune of the “Londonderry Air”. Twas followed by a truly Irish ballad, “The Rising Of the Moon” by Tom and we concluded our song circle with an original tune by Ruby, “Don’t Let The Water Out” (everybody’s got to take a bath!). Instead, we decided to break for some wonderful snacks and coffee or tea before we reconvened for more musical merriment.

    Before we concluded, we decided that our past paid dues should be applied to the purchase of large print “Rise Up Singing” books for use at our meetings, and that the April 13th meeting (Larry’s birthday) will be at Jacqui’s house. The theme for that evening will be HISTORICAL SONGS. If you can’t bring a snack to share, bring your own tea bag, a dollar to put into the coffee kitty, or just bring a song and a smile to share. You’re still welcome! :-)

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