Random Post: Last May and June 8th
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    Trains, towns, and tunes . . .

    Here’s hoping this finds You enjoying 2013!

    Our customary meeting in January is at the home of our Co-President, Mr. Ted Berlinghof, where we always delight in seeing the latest in the Berlinghof family trains. Every year is different. As Ted and his kids have designed and manufactured the towns, props, and city names, it’s inclusive of his children, and their children’s names, and quite cleverly done!

    As is usual, we begin the meeting with NEW news, and OLD news. NEW news included the upcoming presentations of “Sleeping Beauty” by the Moscow Ballet (it was BEAUtiful!), and Shen Yun at the Detroit Opera House (it was phenomenal!). OLD news was from AJ, who told us to make sure we check out the McDonald’s on Woodward Ave. in Highland Park, as it’s a treasure trove of information about our own FORD Model T plant.

    As SOMEONE didn’t read his Half-Lyre (the very last ever published Half-Lyre by our own under-appreciated secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Montgomery) and see that the theme for the month was a SONG WITH A MAN OR WOMAN’S NAME IN IT, a secondary theme was posted as ‘Chilly Winds”. Consequently, DFS’ own Denny Sinnett began the year with “Chilly Winds”. This was followed by Eileen who was “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad” (we hope that gets better by the time we visit her house in February). Marilyn was asked to sing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, wherein David heard there was a secret chord, and Claire sang “The Road to Drumleman” which included both topics with ‘the winter winds blew oer the Eenen’s or Creggin’s wild shore’ before Greg led us in Donovan’s “Try And Catch The Wind”. Tom sang “Goodnight, Irene” with us, and Ted had us sing of “The Leaves That Are Green” followed by Ruby singing of an “Ill Wind”. A.J. led us in “Sweet Baby James”, and Hannah wowed us on piano with “Story Weather”, and her hubby, Jack, concluded the first part of the evening with “On a Clear Day” played beautifully on his saxaphone.

    Next, we broke for snacks (that we all bring to share) and proceeded to delight in the trains. After break, we ended in our traditional song jam until everyone had to depart.

    We look forward to seeing you at Eileen’s house for LONELY SONGS and/or SONGS OF LOVE. The meeting begins at 8:00 p.m. with any news you’d like to share, unless you’re too late, and we’re already singing :-)

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