Random Post: March 9th, 2013
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    Happy Harvest Time! :-) OCTOBER meeting Tonight! 10/12/13

    October 12th, 2013


    Thanks to our late great Publisher/Treasurer, Mrs. Carolyn Montgomery, and the sixty dollars she left us in the Treasury, The Detroit Folklore Society recently acquired three new large print Leader editions of  Rise Up Singing.  Because of the generosity of the members of DFS, 50% of the proceeds for the new LIVE! QUENCH CD were used to purchase another new book.  Dues paid for 2013 by the members present at our September gathering were used to acquire two more.  The DFS now has six (6) new editions of the large print Rise Up Singing.

    Come sing with us tonight and use one of the new books!  We’ll be singing Harvest Songs and bringing a snack to share.  We’ll be meeting tonight at Denny and Claire’s.  Here’s hoping to see you there at 8:00.

    Happy New Year :-) and a time for HARVEST SONGS :-)

    October 8th, 2013

    It’s already Fall/Autumn!  😉  The Sky isn’t falling, and neither are prices, but the dues for the Detroit Folklore Society remain the same:  $5.00 a year.

    This year we used the remainder of our former dues paid – – the $60.00 from Carolyn Montgomery (our late Great Secretary-Treasurer) and put it toward the purchase of the larger print version of RISE UP SINGING.  That got us three books, and the purchase of the new LIVE!  QUENCH CD (Many thanks to those of you who made the purchase and unknowingly, the contribution.) facilitated a 50% of the purchase price donation to DFS toward yet another book.  Bottom line:  pay your dues of  ONLY $5.00 at the next DFS meeting on October 12th (HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY, Christopher!  :-) and help the DFS to acquire more sorely needed books for OUR use.  Thanks, in advance  😉

    At our September meeting, the theme was jokingly suggested as “Anything BUT a Dylan Song”, but either that or a song about the Weather was also an accepted theme song.  Some came on september 14th to Denny and Claire’s house with the idea that the theme was something to do with the moon – – hummmm – – did I post that?????   :-)

    Our group was small due to the holidays and other regrets.  BUT, it was a warm and friendly familiar group comprised of long time members who were able to make it.  First, Charlene took us to page 232 in RISE UP SINGING and we joined in on “Five Hundred Miles”.  then Jacqui followed with “Precious Friend” on page 67.   Susanne sang “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (not in the book) and informed us that it was Elvis Presley’s first demo for SUN Records.  Denny charmed us with “Nothing But Time”, and, sticking to the WEATHER theme, Marilyn sang one of her own songs, “Lupton In The Rain’.   Claire sang “Only Remembered” from WAR HORSE  (Opening Dec. 17th at The Fischer Theatre in Detroit and running through January 5th, 2014.  It will run EVERY NIGHT , Tuesday through Sunday with matinees on both Saturday and Sunday.)  Tom took us to the “Rising Of The Moon” on page 218, and we followed with a break to have some  gifts of the Table and continued the evening thinking of Mike and wishing him well as we closed the evening with Irish songs.

    We look forward to seeing You All at Denny and Claire’s to celebrate a Good Harvest, and Great Times with Fine Friends.  We will surely harvest some fine music together on October 12th.  Here’s hoping to see You with your $5.00 toward the new DFS books and something to share during break (nibbles and bits) if only a smile.  Thanks, in advance, and until we meet again, be well and Live in Peace with a song in Your Heart.